Collecting Color

This is an on-going, creative exploration series with the goal to capture the essence of different places I visit through found objects, textures, and colors.



West coast fall

Los Angeles, CA   |   October 2018

Traveling always awakens something inside me. I feel more creative, aware, and free. On a recent trip from Colorado to California, I got to observe the differences in the fall seasons and loved finding the hints of LA’s fall colors—even if they were a little more unconventional.



Aged Amber

Peyton, CO   |   August 2018

There are curious little pine cones scattered all around the ground. Each with their own unique shape, color, and story. Some fell too soon, some have seen many seasons pass. Each holds their own set of secrets. I love the aged wood and tiny details that can be found in these little seed pods. While some can feel cold, with greys and faded browns, they often hide warmer tones just under the surface.



Forgotten Treasures

Peyton, CO   |   April 2018

My mother grew up on the coast of Massachusetts. Over the years, she collected pieces of sea glass that would wash up on the shore. Their edges are worn and rounded down. Their colors have faded into a magical but subtle glow. She has jars full of these relics that she's saved from her childhood displayed in our house. All these years later, this treasured collection from my mother became new inspiration for me.



Beauty and Wonder

Los Angeles, CA   |   January 2018

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be at the Getty Museum. I'm sure they could make room for me in this architectural marvel perched in the hills above Los Angeles. I wandered around in awe of every thoughtful detail, every staircase, and careful curves. This place will continue to inspire me long after my trip.



Fade From View

Santa Cruz, CA   |   January 2018

There is something magical about a sunset at sea. During my recent road trip down the western coast, I had the chance to stop in Santa Cruz to explore. I loved walking around the historic boardwalk amusement park and along the wharf covered in sleeping sea lions.



By the Bay

San Francisco, CA   |   January 2018

Rooted in history, San Francisco never fails to inspire me. From the city's architecture to iconic landmarks, there is truly something for everyone. I see something new every time I visit, and this trip was no exception. I can't wait to go back again soon! 



Winter Warmth

Portland, OR   |   January 2018

I've lived in Portland for seven years, but looked at it with new eyes for the colors, textures—and even tastes that make up the city’s personality. There are so many layers of complexity to this place, and this palette is just one small moment I captured.





Peyton, CO   |   December 2017

I found these objects from the land around my parents' house which is nestled into the eastern plains of Colorado. Even in the dead of winter, vibrant and rich colors can still be found. I love the textures and patterns found in these natural objects as well.