Final Project Render by Alexander Mayhew

Final Project Render by Alexander Mayhew


Pnca x pensole, Fall 2017 

I completed the Fall 2017 PNCA x PENSOLE Design Intensive on December 15, 2017. My focus was Functional Apparel & Accessory Design. This accelerated program is designed to prepare students for a career in the product creation industry. The 12-week intensive is offered through PNCA in partnership with PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy.

Program Details:

  • PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES: Students are exposed to the expectations of the professional environment in the design industry.

  • COMMUNICATION PRACTICES: Students strengthen communication practices in the design industry including time management, storytelling, research, presentations, interaction and relationship skills.

  • DESIGN PROCESS: With a focus on two-dimensional work, students are taught through lecture, demos, individual assignments, and critiques. Guest lectures from individuals who are active in the industry, one-on-one mentorship, and case studies will help students gain an understanding of the industry.

  • RESEARCH METHODS: Introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methods, user-centered observation and assessment, modeling for research, and case studies will all be informative in establishing the content behind the designs.

  • PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Implementing tech packs and best materials practices we turn out prototypes to help refine the design/manufacturing process.

  • DIGITAL IMAGING/CAD: Foundations of Adobe Illustrator are taught across the board and explored further when tracks branch into advanced tech pack work for their specific discipline.

  • MATERIAL + PROCESS: A deep dive into raw materials for footwear, soft goods, and apparel industries. Identification and manufacturing processes for multiple types of materials are introduced and how they influence the design process.

  • COLOR FUNDAMENTALS/COLOR STRATEGY: Students will explore the basic principles of design as it relates to color. We learn the components of color, psychology, application, proportion, and the influence of color on materials. As well as the relationship between color and the material it is applied to.

PENSOLE Class of 2017: Footwear, Color & Materials, Functional Apparel & Accessories (FAAS)

PENSOLE Class of 2017: Footwear, Color & Materials, Functional Apparel & Accessories (FAAS)

2017 FAAS Students with Director  Angela Medlin

2017 FAAS Students with Director Angela Medlin